Natural Fabric Softener

$ 14.99

Product Description

Our non-toxic liquid laundry softener provides a natural, chemical-free means of softening your clothes. Forget about your clothes smelling like heavy, synthetic fragrances that other fabric softeners leave behind. Made with plant-based ingredients, this all-natural softener conditions water and brightens fabrics. As you remove your damp clothes from the wash, you will instantly be able to feel the difference in quality. Our 32 oz. bottle of softener will care for 32 loads of laundry.

  • 32 oz. bottle with cap
  • All natural ingredients
  • Chemical free
  • Available in two fragrances
  • Cares for 32 plus loads of laundry

Ingredients: water, softening agents derived from soybeans and corn, Polysorbate 20 (dilutant), essential and fragrance oils.